Jumat, 20 September 2013

Cushion Cute Owly

hadir stok baru cushion (sarung bantal kursi) dengan tema Owly! Cute and colorful tentunyaa..^^

Name: Cute Owly Cushion
size: various.
material: Soft Cotton knit 30s (kaos katun 30)s)
price: @ 75.000

Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Open Pre Order "Malamhari Bags"

Helloo, Good morning ^_^

This time I want to open pre-order for "Malamhari Bags". Made from 100% cotton covered with transparant waterproof laminated cover mix with real leather (genuine). So don't worry for rainy days and sallowness. Very limited selected pattern fabrics, only 2 pcs bags per fabric. so message me! >>support local craftmens fairtrade <<

Version #1.0

Version #1.0 
Price: 350.000 (laminate high grade)
           300.000 (laminate medium grade)

Version #1.1

Version #1.1 genuine leather
Price: 850.000 (laminate high grade)
           750.000 (laminate medium grade)

1. Please let me know by sms: 0888-0281-1230 format: Order-Malamhari-choose Version-choose pattern and lining - name- city.
2. Confirmed whose with down payment 50% (account no. send via sms)
3. No COD, only send via courir. delivery from Yogyakarta
4. Production time about 14 business day after closing P.O
5. Full payment is required after goods finished and before it is sent (with prior notice)

Happy Shopping ^^ 

Wedding Souvenir - Mudi Drawstring pouch bag

My Sister friends Mudi & Herman, wanting something special for their wed. 
A usefull goodie bag using pattern from Papua Island (Indonesia) 
(because its their childhood place and the groom origins). So I made the design for invitation cards see here please :) and for souvenir, I designed this special drawstring Pouch Bag. And here is the design and the real product. For real, I made butterfly bigger, and color more bright red. but this photo not yet taken with drawstring.  (not bad huhh? I think its looks same 99% :D) >> Yesterday I said I lost the pic of real bag, but now I take another pic to put here :)

The Fabric using "toile" / Blacu
The Print or "tifa motif" made from manual screen printing
butterfly made from manual screen printing, in special gold color.

So if you like it please give me your best thumb! :D
and if you want to make some special like this, just pm or sms me 0888 0281 1230 and we arrange together for better result ;) Price follow on quantity.

Belty - Belt

my son Christopher (4years more) beg me to make him a belt. He said he will look cool at school as his friends does. So I made this belt, at first i choose colorful apples pattern print. but after finish, wow! too cute for boys! :D I can't let it worn by Christoph. So i made second belt, the idea is doodle. He really like doodling in every books he has. This belt made from toile fabric (blacu) than I doodling some favorite objects and put his name. and tadaaa... He like it!!

Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

goodie bags ketupie

On Ied holiday 2013, I make this goodie bag. Simple and you can put a lot of goodies there and shows the product inside. outer fabric is toile (blacu).

Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013

SImple Quilting Baby Blanket

I made this blanket long time ago. 4 and half years ago, when I am pregnant 9 months of my son Christopher. I knew that my baby is boy, so I choose Dinosaurs theme that everlasting story ^_^
for outer fabric using 100% cotton fabric. For inner lining use silicone pad / dacron, and lining I using plain cotton fabric with red sateen bias tape then finished in simple quilting. The unique of this baby blanket is a hoodie cap in one corner applied with patchwork of dinosaurs scene. Detailed with handmade overstitch.

he like it! :)
its comfy, cuddle, soft, puffy and totaly cover him from windy air

this is the outer side, right now and he is 4++ years old ! seems good durability stuff hehe..

this is inside, just simple quilting ;)
actually i wanted to put his name by patchwork on the hoodie.
but trigger time of childbirth.

If you like it please thumb me on FB please ^^
If you want blanket like this don't hesitate to
sms me 081 392 3838 57 or pm me :)
only price 125,000,-
and you get special baby blanket with his name put on hoodie ;)

Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Welcome friends!


Introduce our new handmade craft brand, "tingclekunik".

Maybe not all of you understand what the meaning of "tingclekunik" is. Well, this words is come out from my hubby, commenting about my style of artwork. We came from Java and the word is Javanesse common language. Tingclekunik means lots of details, techniques, complex, rich, different depth and similar meaning with that ( I just take only the good side haha). But I like it, because its very me and meaningful. It's exotic, very Indonesia (Java) easy to say, easy to heard, full creativity and the ending word is "unik" (unique). I hope "tingclekunik" will be salable and  outstanding long lasting brand.

happy crafting and happy shopping all  ^_^